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The Southern Steel Fan Club of North Texas

We have proudly supported Operation Once in a LifeTime for 4 years.
In those 4 years, our North Dallas based fan club has donated approximately $14,000 thanks to the generosity of
our awesome Steelers Fans!

Steelers finally accomplished the success of a winning season and the AFC North Division Title! Congradulations Steelers, now its time to prepare for the draft and maybe they can work toward another Super Bowl.

Steelers fans in the Dallas area, please join us next season at Austin Avenue II in Richardson. BY FAR THE BIGGEST STEELERS FAN CLUB IN TEXAS!

The Southern Steel Fan Club proudly supports
Operation Once in a Lifetime
"Making the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true.."

Check out SSFC's Facebook page.

Austin Avenue Grill & Sports Bar

Join SSFC at Austin Avenue II in Richardson, TX
SSFC boasts over 600 members!
It is the largest Steelers Fan Club in North Texas!

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